HP Revolve 810 MANUALS

Hewlett Packard in this year’s efforts to put a large commercial market, especially EliteBook series, from the traditional 12, 13, 2 and 1-inch notebook to tablet PCs are involved, the 2-in-1 computer, in addition to be tested today HP Revolve 810 is not the first attempt failed two years ago after HP TouchPad WebOS system, in this year launched an external keyboard style Envy X2, can be seen for this type of tablet and PC dual experience of products, Hewlett-Packard is very promising, but especially in the business world, HP hopes to expand its territory to become a breakthrough product itself.

For business people, but also has a stylish appearance and usage rotary screen equipped with touch, have to say this HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2 subversion of our products in the past for business modeling slightly stiff serious ideas, but this product In the stylish appearance whether the needs of business people capable of performing it?

Configuration, as a continuation of the latest HP business notebook form of the products, equipped with Intel IVB platform 22nm process four threads Duo processor, equipped with a 4GB 1600MHz DDR 3 memory, while using a 128GB mSATA SSD solid state hard drive, because of its commercial positioning properties are not equipped with discrete graphics instead of using the Intel HD 4400 graphics core. 11.6 inches 1366×768 resolution screen and the usual ports equipped only on the level of the allocation of the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2 is really enough.

HP ProBook 430 MANUALS

Each vendor has much user acceptance of the product, and for HP, its commercial product line is undoubtedly the industry leader. HP’s years of work in the business notebook industry, always give us a serious, solid feel. Whether it is high-end EliteBook series, or for the mainstream user groups ProBook series, it reflects the skill and expertise on HP commercial products in the.

This evaluation is for everyone to bring a ProBook series 430 G2, this product 13.3-inch screen, so the body size and weight, is more focused on support for portability. Machine overall design style without losing the atmosphere calm, class skin paint coating and metallic process simultaneously, in order to bring a quality product and superb experience.

In fact, for many ordinary office workers, it does not need a strong performance however, how personalized product design, traditional business this may be more suitable for these users, and if some more effort on the portability and user experience, then, You will get user acceptance. ProBook 430 is obviously such a product, the first impression it gives is pragmatic and practical.

HP’s new Pavilion 14 MANUALS

HP’s Pavilion series is already an old product line, with the re-transformation ENVY series, Pavilion series also changed, with a new design and hardware configuration to show a new face in front of us. Pavilion we can see the new products and new products in the ENVY design has a very similar concept can be understood that the same root.

Classic black and silver color design that combines class suit and black metal brushed texture material embellishment, making its appearance of calm, slightly fashion, this is the continuation of the year, HP consumer products design elements. This series also adds flames red and white elite in two different color design, fashion glorious gift for the whole family, but also to re-establish a benchmark for the price segment of notebook models.

In addition to the eye-catching exterior design, the new Pavilion 14 also has mainstream hardware configuration. They are generally equipped with a new Intel Core i5 / i7 processor, with 4GB of memory capacity, it can bring powerful computing performance and multitasking capabilities. The latest NVIDIA GT 830M discrete graphics, with 2GB of dedicated graphics memory capacity, it can bring more excellent video processing performance.

HP ProBook 440 G2 MANUALS

Mentioned that many people will think of this business a lot of classic products, but there is a product series is definitely worth mention, it is the HP ProBook series. Compared to high-end business series HP EliteBook, ProBook series targeted at mainstream business class. This use of HP’s extensive product line strategy to cover different sectors of business people, enough to show HP business products for their own faith.

In the public the impression that this business is always rigid and strong, for the coming of the 90 business people will be a constant thing away? In fact, from the body of this product, I have seen the change, eclectic look, more rounded design it has a sleek side, to get rid of stereotype.

This can be an excellent business escort for every business person with a dream, as essential goods it must have many features. Such as excellent stability, low-key and excellent design and powerful security, with these characteristics in order to become a real business in line with user needs. The HP business has a long history, but also accompanied by a lot of people spend their hard struggle time, that now this positioning ProBook mainstream business class 440 can impress How about you? Please come with me slowly taste.

HP Folio 9480m MANUALS

Hewlett-Packard HP EliteBook Folio 9480m can be regarded as the flagship product, the flagship of what as? The hardware configuration is known most business are relatively similar, the biggest difference is nothing more than a hard disk is different, of course, there are products with significant independence. Therefore, the performance of the business of the hardware are relatively close, the situation is more concern compared to the heat, and excellent heat dissipation characteristics is the Folio 9480m of one.

EliteBook Folio 9480m to show the 14-inch stature, the body of durable alloy material, and joined the class skin surface coating on the roof, will bring a better user experience in terms of touch, heat or firmness, the and other brands of high-end business also not inferior compared.

For professionals, most of the time in the state of the mobile office, the HP EliteBook Folio 9480m can provide all-day battery life, and a spare battery to choose, do not have to worry about an external power supply problem. At the same time, the notebook comes with a user replaceable battery. Enterprise-class docking capabilities provide multi-monitor support, integrated charging function and additional USB and legacy interfaces, thereby improving the efficiency of fixed office time.

HP EliteBook Folio 9480m equipped with optional solid state hard drive configuration, this machine uses the Windows 7 operating system. Furthermore, 9480m selected fourth generation Intel Core processor, with intelligent performance and built-in security features. Additional features include an integrated and efficient Smart Card smart card reader, fingerprint reader, built-in TPM security chip and management tools options.

HP Pavilion X2 10 MANUALS

2-in-1 PC has superior portability, ease of use, combines the advantages of tablet PCs and notebooks, as well as the pursuit of low power consumption and long battery life, its low-voltage hardware platform, so if you are seeking a high-performance, then 2-in-1 computer may not be suitable for you. This product is suitable for business users, mild computer users, not suitable for gamers. Travel office, traveling is the best situation to play 2-in-1 computer.

The HP Pavilion for everyone to bring a series of 2-in-1 computer, it is the X2 10. As the name suggests, this is a 10-inch level 2 in 1 computer, X2 series earlier this year, when in fact, launched several good products, the main fashion, home, this time X2 10 appearance in a few more partial business.

Hardware performance is all 2 in 1 PC weakness, but in this era of excess performance, the performance is not necessarily equal to the experience. Times simply to run sub-data to judge the product already has experience in the past, after all SSDs appear to solve the computer speed has been slow since the defects, and processor performance, in fact, for most applications today are concerned, all seems to have a surplus.

Pavilion X2 10 equipped with Intel Atom Z3745D processor, 2GB of memory the actual experience, 64GB eMMC SSDs, the machine is very good, but at the beginning of the design also has some unique, then, we passed this evaluation a look at this paragraph Pavilion X2 10.


Today, you can buy a very low price with good graphics products. And like some games using public mode of this product, due to eliminating mold development costs, the cost to get a greater degree of expression, which also constitutes a major force in today’s game of this product.

HP ENVY 15 is designed to reject similar unique, as a first-tier manufacturers, standardization of operations has a great benefit, and users can enjoy quality at a low price to first-tier manufacturers, no doubt why the state is also a . As this time HP ENVY series of new notebooks equipped with GTX850M graphics card, and the previous product have different definitions.

Configuration, this time we get the commercial version of the new HP ENVY 15 games with a fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4510U low voltage processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 4GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M discrete graphics. In addition, a major feature is the HP ENVY sound system model, which has a magic Venus Beats Audio sound system, located at the top of the keyboard speakers throughout the body, more realistic surround sound excellent.


Business Notebook To some extent, not just for individual workers and business users, after all, from a structural point of view is a business notebook laptop, and has a distinguished consumer notebook features that include a low-key and reserved appearance and workmanship , better after-sales as well as the security and stability of performance, the performance requirements for the game is not so high user business this may be a better choice.

The HP 345 G2 with a new naming scheme, and the press conference by the end of October last year, HP also announced that, in response to the arrival of the mobile Internet, the commercial product will also change occurs, light and flexible, safe and easy to manage is the future needs of business users of the product, so the HP 345 G2 is designed to clear the changes.

In fact, many times, the user selects the notebook are blind and impetuous, often being promoted to a characteristic of hype, it bought a little expensive but then their actual product help, in vain spent odds. For most ordinary users, especially business users, an appearance of calm, balanced performance, safety and convenience notebook is really fit. HP 345 G2 using APU platform, hardware configuration sufficient to meet the needs of business people working.

HP Folio 1040 Reviews

Hewlett-Packard roots in the art for many years in the business, its EiteBook series had created countless brilliant, and in this year reinstall HP business notebook series to create a new, fashion light, long battery life and security design into product design philosophy, Before our evaluation HP EliteBook 840 G1 notebook, regarded this new high-end business notebook product representative models, and this came to our evaluation is even more a hard, it’s right, is that this has the ultimate lightweight machine body, they have the elegant and refined look of the new flagship business -HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1.

See Folio, we must think of it in 2012 HP introduced the first commercial super pole Folio 13, also has a slim body design, Folio 13 aluminum alloy body, once available, aimed at the business world, and not with the consumer notebook competition, the impact was Folio 13 and later Folio 9470m to some extent a lot of commercial products later, especially how to balance the body thickness and endurance above, Folio collection has unrivaled advantage.

Folio is a, a, Folio, meaning off the paper, showing that the term is mostly used to describe the HP Folio 1040 design features itself. Easy to see HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 biggest selling point is thin, but in addition to the thickness, we should be concerned for such a position and business PC product, performance, battery life, heat capacity, security design, and industrial design, etc., strength, integrated on to the HP Folio 1040 an objective evaluation.

HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 is HP’s most top business products, both in the industrial design or hardware configuration is a flagship should reflect the quality, relative EliteBook 840 G1, the former is more extreme portability, while in the heat and also has a good play on the life, and safety, but also has the Phoenix chip, HP Trust Circle and fingerprint recognition and other features to help users in both the physical and experience the full range of data protection. Overall, HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 has a very good job in all aspects of performance, for the current business notebook sets a new benchmark.

HP Pavilion13 MANUALS

Pavilion appeared very early in the product serial arm of Hewlett-Packard, and is a member of the elite veteran timeless. This summer, HP launched Pavilion 14, that is, after a substantial change to the ENVY series of Pavilion series of re-transformation of the move. Pavilion 14 with a new look and product configuration, praised by the general public. As a result, HP continues to expand the scope of the popularization of this new concept, launched a 13-inch Pavilion 14 Little Sisters, is the protagonist of this Pavilion 13.

Same with the Pavilion 14, silver and black color design choice is still Pavilion 13, but did not use is the percent of decorative textures, Pavilion imitation metal shell Process adopted a silver matte texture, and still look fresh and stylish, with this year HP’s consumer products trend of convergence. In addition, compared to the 14-inch model, Pavilion 13 more compact mellow.

Eye-catching exterior design, Pavilion 13 of the same configuration in line with mainstream fashion era, equipped with a new fourth-generation Intel i5 mobile version of the low-voltage processors, combined with 4GB of memory capacity, can bring powerful computing performance and multi-tasking capabilities. 13-inch size greater emphasis on light, so the use of the Intel HD4400 graphics core, enough to meet the general needs of video entertainment.