HP Folio 1040 MANUALS

Hewlett-Packard roots in the art for many years in the business, its EiteBook series had created countless brilliant, and in this year reinstall HP business notebook series to create a new, fashion light, long battery life and security design into product design philosophy, Before our evaluation HP EliteBook 840 G1 notebook, regarded this new high-end business notebook product representative models, and this came to our evaluation is even more a hard, it’s right, is that this has the ultimate lightweight machine body, they have the elegant and refined look of the new flagship business -HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1.

See Folio, we must think of it in 2012 HP introduced the first commercial super pole Folio 13, also has a slim body design, Folio 13 aluminum alloy body, once available, aimed at the business world, and not with the consumer notebook competition, the impact was Folio 13 and later Folio 9470m to some extent a lot of commercial products later, especially how to balance the body thickness and endurance above, Folio collection has unrivaled advantage.

Folio is a, a, Folio, meaning off the paper, showing that the term is mostly used to describe the HP Folio 1040 design features itself. Easy to see HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 biggest selling point is thin, but in addition to the thickness, we should be concerned for such a position and business PC product, performance, battery life, heat capacity, security design, and industrial design, etc., strength, integrated on to the HP Folio 1040 an objective evaluation.

HP Pavilion 13 MANUALS

Pavilion appeared very early in the product serial arm of Hewlett-Packard, and is a member of the elite veteran timeless. This summer, HP launched Pavilion 14, that is, after a substantial change to the ENVY series of Pavilion series of re-transformation of the move. Pavilion 14 with a new look and product configuration, praised by the general public. As a result, HP continues to expand the scope of the popularization of this new concept, launched a 13-inch Pavilion 14 Little Sisters — Pavilion 13.

Same with the Pavilion 14, silver and black color design choice is still Pavilion 13, but did not use is the percent of decorative textures, Pavilion imitation metal shell Process adopted a silver matte texture, and still look fresh and stylish, with this year HP’s consumer products trend of convergence. In addition, compared to the 14-inch model, Pavilion 13 more compact mellow.

Eye-catching exterior design, Pavilion 13 of the same configuration in line with mainstream fashion era, equipped with a new fourth-generation Intel i5 mobile version of the low-voltage processors, combined with 4GB of memory capacity, can bring powerful computing performance and multi-tasking capabilities. 13-inch size greater emphasis on light, so the use of the Intel HD4400 graphics core, enough to meet the general needs of video entertainment.


HP ENVY 15 is a superior performance, cost-effective large-screen gaming decent product. And the design is also very stylish, but thanks to the BeatsAudio sound system has been enhanced in the bass, so this product is also very outstanding gaming audio experience. Excellent hardware configuration coupled with good sound output, making the ENVY 15 to become a professional gaming notebooks.

ENVY 15 in the hardware configuration, equipped with a 22nm process technology Intel Core i7 4510U dual-core processor, equipped with 1TB hard drive, as well as high-speed single 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, graphics cards, this model comes with a processor Intel Core HD 4400 core graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M discrete graphics.

As can be seen from the configuration of this product is suitable for playing some of the mainstream games, but for the vast majority of online games are able to give good support. In addition, some friends are worried relative standard low-voltage processor voltage processors perform poorly in the game, but I think the real knowledgeable friends all know, low-voltage processors in terms of performance standard voltage processor and the difference is not large, especially , although there are differences between the Core i7 running points at this level, but the actual experience is not significantly different. At the same time in life with the heat, but because of the low voltage processor and ultra-low-power design more prominent.

HP Pavilion tx1400 MANUALS

We have the following HP Pavilion tx1400 manuals available for free PDF download. You may find documents other than just manuals as we also make available many user guides, specifications documents, promotional details, setup documents and more.

The following terms are frequently used to search for HP Pavilion tx1400 support.

Accessing Technical Support Support services are available on the Internet through HP technical support.

Access Manager, instead of using a Windows password. Whether you are using an HP Pavilion tx1400 computer with an integrated must set up the fingerprint reader before you can use a fingerprint logon to Windows to the computer before performing the steps below.

HP Stream 13 MANUALS

HP’s notebooks rarely appear bold color of the product, this time gave us a surprise. Stream 13 HP 2015 series is a new laptop product family, which take the fashion line, a steady change in the past for HP products business forms, with its bold colors let us shines, as this received this Stream 13 it has air show appearance.

In addition to changes in appearance with large, Stream 13 notebook also hit the “cloud office” features, is HP’s first cloud notebook. The cloud refers to what is it? Stream 13 HP 1TB notebook bundled cloud storage and pre-installed Microsoft Office 365 office software, the user files are stored in the cloud office, saving resources in the local storage space.

Stream 13 is different from the traditional notebook, the machine uses a fanless design, the hardware is the use of Intel Bay Trail-M platform, ultra-low power consumption makes the body more light and reduce the heat, do not need to worry about performance, and now ultra performance per watt compared to previous processor netbook products has increased dramatically, to meet the daily entertainment and office needs.
Stream 13 air show appearance apparently to discuss the design of the user’s favorite girl, or more to the younger, vibrant in this regard to consider bold colors with this product destined for major groups of young generation. 13 inches model is not small, thin body very well and good to make up for the lack of volume on.
Overall, the design of HP notebook Stream 13 show part of such gas can attract the attention of consumer preferences, and Stream 13 notebook also hit the “cloud office” features, is HP’s first cloud notebooks bundled with 1TB of cloud storage and one year free right to use the resource, the user office documents stored in the cloud, saving local storage space to install Microsoft Office 365 Office software.

HP Pavilion tx1300 MANUALS

Get your HP Pavilion TX1300 Series from auop.net today is free of charge for shipment. We supply brand new HP Pavilion TX1300 Series Laptop Keyboard with low price. We guarantee the Pavilion TX1300 Series Laptop Accessory with a full three-months warranty from the date of purchase if the product(s) have any quality problem!

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.

Turn on the computer. Press the release button on the drive bezel to release the media tray. Pull out the tray. Hold the disc by the edges to avoid touching the flat surfaces and position the disc label-side up over the tray spindle.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (INS15BD-1748) MANUALS

Dell’s Inspiron series laptops consumer representative series, is the first choice of many users of home entertainment products. With live, work and change people’s entertainment, and now more and more families will be integrated into everyday laptop, instead of the traditional large-scale desktop computers, home entertainment, as a transit point and core. Therefore, the large size of the notebooks and more by home users alike.
In people’s minds, both large-size notebook and thick, heavy linked to such words, but the spirit of the latest notebook has brought 157,000 different fresh feeling.

This time, the new model for the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (INS15BD-1748), equipped with the latest Intel Core i7-5500U fifth-generation processor, a new architecture Broadwell, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 4GB of memory and is equipped with the AMD Radeon R7 M270 graphics card, is the series of high distribution models.
Light and thin is a big trend in the notebook, whether this is a high-performance gaming, or was it the main business of the portable, lighter in advance to the ultimate design, and for the home, it would have been not a particularly thin important needs, but lighter thinner, who does not like it?

The new large-size Inspiron laptops, designed to seeing a lot of shadow XPS high-end products, natural people quickly sprouted favorability in appearance, but the actual use of down, the new Five Core processor performance really surprise people The overall experience is very good to meet the entertainment needs of a family.

HP Pavilion 15 MANUALS

HP Pavilion series is one of the oldest home series, its popular mainstream notebook products authorized users. In the mainstream notebook market, Pavilion series introduced many good products, but also in the cost also consistently good performance. Following the end of 2014 to replace the series of new mold, new style quickly became a symbol of the series. Sleek lines, simple style atmosphere bright spots.
Pavilion 15 P282TX is a 15.6-inch screen of this, the use of 1366 × 768 resolution, high-definition screen is becoming the standard of today, 1366 × 768 machines have fewer and fewer. However, a smaller low-resolution graphics performance for graphics consume, to ensure that users get maximum graphics performance gains, after all, this product is only equipped with a GT 840M significant independence, not good for the big game.
Pavilion 15 is a cross-platform processor new mainstream entertainment this product, with the GT 840M graphics card, you can ensure that users in the mainstream entertainment applications with smooth experience.

From a design point of view, this machine uses the popular nowadays users favor of white color, the overall style of simple atmosphere, although the use of plastic material, but after grinding process, its touch is also guaranteed. Overall, Pavilion 15 is a suitable entertainment for mainstream users this.

HP Pavilion 13-b116tu MANUALS

HP Pavilion 13 and 14-inch, 15-inch addition to changing the size of the product compared to the outside, the color and thickness up a big face. HP Pavilion 13 this time without the use of red and gray and black color scheme, but the choice of bright silver, to give people a fresh feeling. This time, the HP Pavilion 13 Pavilion X360 uses a machine design style, of course, does not have the shaft portion 360 ° reversal of function, while in the rear fuselage we can still see the iconic Pavilion series “Bottom” .

HP Pavilion 13 in the housing section of the composite material is selected to build, to a certain extent, reduce the weight of its own, but the inevitable decline in terms of durability.
HP Pavilion 13 uses a LED-backlit display with a resolution of 1366 × 768, at the top of the screen also has a front camera. I believe that friends see here certainly have Tucao resolution, but as a big manufacturer, regarding resolution of the problem certainly know the answer, they are definitely in the price before making a decision after the measure, of course, does not exclude this product There gaofenping configurations to choose from, consumers can according to their actual needs to choose.

HP Pavilion 13 feel better keyboard surface with a metallic material, particularly the palm rest area feels pretty good handle on connection is also very fine, without any discomfort. In the upper left corner of the keyboard area, we can see that the switch button in the shaft part, we can also see the Beats Audio logo. HP Pavilion 13 provided a total of two speakers, which are distributed at the bottom of the whole front of the range of these two units have a special pronunciation holes, music from the front occupied by the ears, in-depth cooperation with the Beats Audio lets users actually experience You can feel the excellent sound.
HP Pavilion 13 with a current market mainstream chocolate keyboard, since the body is thin, so in terms of the key process has been shortened, but fairly good resilience, sunken design will not let users re prolonged use After feeling tired. Touchpad will choose a more stylish one-piece design, with simple design of C-face, so HP Pavilion 13 looks very fresh.

Although the body relatively thin, the HP Pavilion 13 but still set a rich interface. On the left side we can see that there are security keyhole, USB2.0 interface and headphone jack microphone complex, on the right side of the fuselage, we can also see the power jack, RJ45, HDMI, USB3.0 × 2, SD Reading card, and power / HDD LED, for everyday use, these interfaces fully meet the user.

HP Pavilion x2 10-j014tu MANUALS

HP Pavilion x2 10-j014tu is a 2 in 1 new products, support for multi-angle adjustment, but also easy to stand mode, regardless of the aircraft, the table, the legs do not split Jieke easy to use the keyboard, the protective cover can scratch and effective dust. Jingdong currently priced at 2,999 yuan, is a good choice for travelers en route.
HP Pavilion x2 10 built-in fourth-generation Intel platform Baytrail four core CPU, the latest 22-nanometer manufacturing process, results in lower power consumption, greater performance, computing power far beyond the traditional flat. 35WHr battery energy, almost no charge to complete the work properly. In tablet mode, up to 11 hours standby.
HP Pavilion x2 10-j014tu (word of mouth, buy) with the fourth-generation Intel Baytrail platform Intel Atom Z3745D four core CPU, the seventh generation of the core graphics, a comprehensive upgrade of the codec engine. 2G large memory capacity, the latest LPDDR3, data transfer speed than the previous generation to 33% lower power consumption 20%, 64G high-capacity hard drive, external hard disk / cloud storage, data carry. The new eMMC solid-state storage, 10 seconds to start the system, speed call data.