HP EliteBook 1020 G1 MANUALS

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 (hereinafter referred to as the HP 1020 G1), a top business notebook product, see its appearance reminds me of my last year’s EliteBook Folio 1040 (14 inches), in addition to outside between the two different sizes, similar extremely high degree. As a commercial product, HP 1020 G1 by the US military MIL-STD-810 test (which is the HP EliteBook series products will pass the test project), the ability to be able to use in a more demanding environment, and ensure excellent stability 7×24 hours continuous work.

HP 1020 G1 machine using a metal alloy material to build, roof to matte painting process, feels more affinity, corner transition did not continue past tough style, but with slim body selected arc over design, so that whole look more beautiful, even so, HP business sense 1020 G1 is still full.

As a proprietary commercial product, HP 1020 G1 with stunning portability, body thickness of only 15.7mm, while the whole weight 1.161Kg also business people aspire. HP 1020 G1 can have such a performance, thanks to its use of Intel Core M processor, because the use of ultra-low-power design can make the HP 1020 G1 achieve fanless design, and therefore will be less in the fuselage structure in the heat Fans and outlet design, in turn, can make the HP 1020 G1 become lighter and thinner.

Thanks to Intel Core M processor Ultra Low-Power / cooling design, so HP 1020 G1 notebook can achieve fanless design / zero noise operation, and its body thickness of only 15.7mm, the machine weighs only 1.161Kg, With 12.5 inches fuselage, it can show a strong portability, ideal for business travelers who often need to flying.

Moreover, the HP 1020 G1 also supports docking, lack of capacity expansion can compensate the shortcomings fixed use. More importantly, HP 1020 G1 is a high value product color, fashion silver metal body with a matte texture, whenever and wherever they can be the most eye-catching notebook, make your business talks one-upmanship!

HP Pavilion 15-ab093tx MANUALS

HP’s Pavilion is a more classic product lines long, so when this product came PConline evaluation room when everyone it does not feel strange. Today, this Pavilion 15 experienced some small change, even when we see some ENVY shadow on it, but seemingly simple appearance beckons fusion · unified family design trend.

HP Pavilion 15: metal exterior design

HP Pavilion is a more “historical heritage” of sub-series, earlier in PConline evaluation room evaluation had quite a few times this product. This time, a small facelift Pavilion 15-inch silver shell version, and attached to a metal painted, very fashion elements.

Using a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 15 classic silver appearance, through a lot of arc transition makes the body seem to have some fashion sense. The body side is with a lot of composite materials, and attached to the surface of the layer of metallic matte coating. Hand touch up is very comfortable, and accompanied by a feeling of cold, there will be a point of view, relatively cool metal of Science and Technology from the visual sense.

Portability, Pavilion 15 whole weight of 2.22Kg, travel weight of 2.61Kg; Pavilion thickest coin with a diameter of almost 15, the size specifications for 398.4×261.1×25.2mm.

HP Pavilion 15: the details highlight the spirit of entertainment

HP Pavilion 15 is a 15.6-inch products, hardware specifications, the HP Pavilion 15 with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 non-touch screen, which can respond to the needs of consumers and even video game and entertainment needs. While this product also uses I prefer the matte screen design, as well as in outdoor light and other complex environments, better screen resolution.

From the details view, Pavilion C surface 15 still maintained a traditional design, the keyboard layout, the first row of shortcut keys belong to the old tradition. The C face a relatively large change is the use of style elements gradients, once again strengthened the fashion element of this product, the entertainment video “play taste” to implement the most.

As a main cost of consumer products, the HP Pavilion 15 is more complete in terms of scalability, have total two USB2.0 and one USB3.0 port, USB port hides a SD card slot, which has to meet the conventional external Let expansion needs; have HDMI video output interface, compatible with the current mainstream external display device; in addition it also has a RJ45 network cable port, and an audio output interface, of course, this version of Pavilion 15 also reserves the optical drive.

From the outside, this HP Pavilion 15 more stylish than previous products, the appearance of metal design with B & O sound should be subject to a lot of young consumers. And it is equipped with the latest Five i7 processor and GeForce 940M graphics performance is not much to consider, of course, if you want a little faster, only need to upgrade an SSD is perfect. Based on the above points, Pavilion 15 everything is still the same: a pragmatic, cost-effective and high quality.

HP Pavilion 11-h112tu x2 MANUALS

HP Pavilion 11-h112tu x2 is a set of thin, detachable element is a combo super pole. Compared to the previous recommendation of the Dell XPS 11, this notebook is equipped with an external keyboard as the basis for design modification, closer to the traditional after removing the external keyboard Tablet PC, but performance is also capable of performing their daily work laptop.

HP Pavilion 11 back plate portion using a composite material and supplemented HP Imprint technology to create small dots embellishment to make the design more layered will not become monotonous. The books and the red version can be selected, female users can choose the red version, very energetic. Button, power button and volume of mediation are set in the top of the back, more humane.

HP Pavilion 11 uses a 11.6-inch IPS screen, supports 10-touch, so it is in tablet mode or laptop mode it is more convenient. Screen resolution slightly less than for 1366 × 768, but the 11-inch screen size, the resolution is acceptable. HP Pavilion 11 has front and rear dual rear camera, whether it is for video chat or take pictures, are a good choice.

After placement of the keyboard, the HP Pavilion on form 11 return to the traditional notebook mode. The shaft is provided with a snap switch, the left toggle you can easily remove the plate portion. The keyboard keys design processes and resilience are good, prolonged use will not feel tired, in a split-style keyboard notebook products considered superior quality, integrated left and right buttons positioning accuracy, without offset phenomenon.

HP Pavilion base 11 has a rich set of interfaces, the design of the fuselage on the left headphone and microphone jack USB2.0 interface, the right body have SD card reader, HDMI, USB 3.0 and power jack. From the species point of view, basically meet the daily needs of the user.

Configuration, the HP Pavilion 11 is equipped with Intel Core i5-4202Y processor, Haswell core architecture, processor clocked at 1.6GHz, supports Turbo Boost Turbo technology, accelerated up to 2.0GHz. Storage, 4GB memory with 128GB SSD. In addition equipped with Intel HD 4200, support for DirectX 11 technology. Front and rear are equipped with 2 million cameras.

HP’s notebook product always has a good reputation, this Pavilion 11 distinctive appearance on the design, the HP Imprint technology gives the machine a strong fashion atmosphere, good weight 0.872g of portable performance, configuration using the Intel Core processor, more suitable for daily office and entertainment.


HP 240 G2 is a targeted business office to create notebook products, its internal components are carefully selected, have this good performance in terms of stability and security. In addition, three generations of models which use the Intel i3 processor, overall performance can easily cope with work, study, recreation and other multiple needs.

Appearance, the HP 240 G2 uses now the most popular type of skin coating design, excellent texture touch up, but it can not avoid the problem of residual fingerprint, the machine weighs about 2.2kg, portability aspects of performance in general. Interior 14-inch LED anti-glare screen, the best display resolution of 1366 × 768.

Keyboard, the HP 240 G2 uses the most popular chocolate keyboard keycap after the grinding process, the finger touch up fit better, but the key process shorter and some discomfort. Integrated touchpad design is simple and practical.

Hardware, HP 240 G2 built a three generations i3-4010U Intel dual-core processor clocked at 2.4Hz, with NVIDIA GeForce 820M discrete graphics, the graphics processing ability is quite powerful. 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive, overall with fairly mainstream.

HP 240 G2 is a very good business office of the present, not only has good portability, design is also solemn and elegant, ideal for business people to travel relatively portable.

HP 15-r221tx Manuals

HP’s 15-r221tx (L2Y59PA) to create composite materials notebook thin body thickness of only 25.3mm, fairly light and portable, easier to use. The shell is made with classic black and metallic gray. IMR process enclosure design with high bright side, more eye-catching, to enhance the surface corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, durable and more stylish.


HP’s 15-r221tx (L2Y59PA) notebook has a 15.6-inch BrightView bright screen, the screen clear and bright, bright colors fashion, bring you better visual effects. The notebook is powered by Intel Core i5-5200U (2.2GHz / L3 3M) processor that supports Turbo Boost technology Turbo up to 2.7GHz. It has a memory capacity of 4GB DDR3L 1600, maximum support 8GB, 500GB hard drive capacity. Also used NVIDIA GeForce 820M + Intel HD 5500 graphics chip, 2GB memory capacity.

HP’s 15-r221tx (L2Y59PA) notebook is a sophisticated design has a 15.6-inch video game, built the Five Core i5 dual-core, with 820M entry-level graphics card, using Win8.1 operating system, outstanding performance.


Recently, HP gives the impression can be described as one after another, wave are exciting. The measure sent to HP Pavilion dv2000 Kuroshio series, HP notebook home all brought us fresh and surprises. This time, Pavilion dv2000 series for the first time the exclusive use of advanced HP Imprint technology, once again aroused the potential consumer to buy, especially in female representation among consumer groups.

Pavilion dv2000 series combines stunning appearance and rich content, it can be described as both beauty and brains. Aqua textured beauty lies in the housing and scratch coating, the connotation is that the Napa architecture and nVidia Geforce Go 7200 match.


HP notebook sector for the first time in the application of advanced technology to the HP Imprint design their notebooks, using a new material called Nissha, the material has a bright metallic luster, but will not produce light intense reflection, and not afraid of climate change and UV, in addition, the stain and abrasion resistant performance is outstanding, this advantage is especially important in the design of the notebook. It was with high technology, personalized images play a more incisive, vivid and beautiful curves, making the machine more artistic colors, so the notebook in a hundred years still has a beautiful appearance and breathtaking swimming soul.

HP dv2000 series will fill the gap in the interpretation of the black hole was superb, delicate and mysterious corrugation pattern, bright and lively deep black and silver established its noble lineage, so you have to admire the HP designers gods, whether the looming texture You think that maybe it is extraterrestrial mystery pattern left. Allegedly inspired decor from the Indian wheat fields accompany, if this makes you the Indian profound culture With an amazing religious worship it? Ancient tribe and luxurious top sports car design irrelevant, but the look in dv2012TX you can feel these two very different styles and cultures. Thanks to modern technology, highly developed and very lovely design, making HP dv2012TX Yung luxury and mystery in a perfect baking process not only it has with sports car-like light can shine on people’s appearance, but also have the like the piano noble, honest and seamless.

dv2012TX using the current high-end notebook without locking suction fit popular design, cover more closely together, show HP’s first-class workmanship, very rounded rear fuselage, seamless whole.

Interface layout

Interface on the left side have S-Video port, VGA video output, docking connector, an Ethernet card interface, USB2.0 interface, IEEE 1394a port, Express Card slot (also supports 34cm, 54cm of Express card), 5 in 1 Reader card reader (supports SD / MMC / MS / MS PRO / xD memory card), there is an indicator light next to the card reader, the work can be displayed when the memory card reader to read and write state.

Front-end interface is mainly associated with the audio, which are MIC input, headphone output, headphone output / optical output, the left is an infrared communications port. It should be noted that the optical output port can also SPIDERS headset, but does not affect the middle dedicated headphone output interface, can achieve both simultaneously access the headset to listen to music without the need for a special transfer interface. Infrared communication port and remote control mainly as a entertainment laptop communication with the remote control is the trend. Interface workmanship is very meticulous, meticulous, fully reflects the style of HP’s first-tier manufacturers. In addition, in a position near the left have a wireless network switch, can be very convenient to enable or disable the wireless network card, wireless network card in the start time, the blue lights next to the status, and vice versa, the red indicator light.

Keyboard and Touchpad

dv2012TX equipped with a full-size keyboard, the keyboard overall style were more rounded and coordination, thanks to wide-screen design, the keyboard area is very broad. HP has consistently uphold the fine workmanship, buttons with the grinding process, so we can get a good feel, and Cap with a curved design, more comfortable when using the keyboard. Large keys, key-way medium, and will not generate keys from unreasonable misuse, a unique keyboard design makes the whole is very stylish and luxurious. Good elasticity, even if the long fingers of text input are not tired. Keyboard Fn key combinations are also quite rich, from left to right display system information, help and support to start, print, opens the default Internet browser, switch the video display, the system is in hibernation or standby, log off the current systems are, Decrease display brightness, increase display brightness, start / pause button, stop button, fast forward, rewind.

dv2012TX touchpad design is absolutely outstanding. Three sections of concave design has been extended to the front panel, streamlined design to fill the gap and smooth. Touchpad with black border surrounds, elegant black border integrated touchpad hardware switch and status lights, but the keys feel very smooth in general, the key is too small and caused some operational difficulties in the TouchPad enabled, next blue touchpad looks like the light is on, and vice versa, striking red lights came on. The touchpad does not go through the grinding process, using a similar light panel and wrist rest coating, feel is not ideal, is not very smooth move.

Back, battery, thermal and noise control

dv2012TX back design is very clear, wireless card position, the memory component location, location and Bluetooth access the hard disk where the reservation is very easy to identify, but also convenient for users to upgrade the system. Wherein the memory is stacked placement of placement, so in the heat of the system requirements will be relatively high, and therefore can be seen from the back of the memory location HP specially designed vents dense. Portrait closed hard disk interface also facilitates disassembly, easy to upgrade.

Usually in the air-conditioned indoor environment, the computer long run (over two hours) Total warming is not very obvious, the highest position in the hard disk where the temperature and position of the two processors, namely the right area at the back of the notebook, especially in high temperature right wrist care, which is the location of the hard drive, but not a cause discomfort use, therefore not suitable to be placed on the thigh dv2012TX work. Other local temperature control is very good, even with a stacked memory place, thanks to a good cooling system, temperature control of the site is ideal. Drive operation heat is not great, when playing DVD drive portion temperature is not very clear, it does not affect the use of comfort, in general, excellent cooling performance dv2012TX comparison, the use of very good comfort. Fan noise is extremely small, very quiet, even in a very quiet environment or night time use will not have a large disturbance in the fuselage behind the outlet design, it can be possible to further reduce the impact of noise, but also consider the user habits and feelings, avoid direct contact with hot air and people.

HP Revolve 810 MANUALS

Hewlett Packard in this year’s efforts to put a large commercial market, especially EliteBook series, from the traditional 12, 13, 2 and 1-inch notebook to tablet PCs are involved, the 2-in-1 computer, in addition to be tested today HP Revolve 810 is not the first attempt failed two years ago after HP TouchPad WebOS system, in this year launched an external keyboard style Envy X2, can be seen for this type of tablet and PC dual experience of products, Hewlett-Packard is very promising, but especially in the business world, HP hopes to expand its territory to become a breakthrough product itself.

For business people, but also has a stylish appearance and usage rotary screen equipped with touch, have to say this HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2 subversion of our products in the past for business modeling slightly stiff serious ideas, but this product In the stylish appearance whether the needs of business people capable of performing it?

Configuration, as a continuation of the latest HP business notebook form of the products, equipped with Intel IVB platform 22nm process four threads Duo processor, equipped with a 4GB 1600MHz DDR 3 memory, while using a 128GB mSATA SSD solid state hard drive, because of its commercial positioning properties are not equipped with discrete graphics instead of using the Intel HD 4400 graphics core. 11.6 inches 1366×768 resolution screen and the usual ports equipped only on the level of the allocation of the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2 is really enough.

HP ProBook 430 MANUALS

Each vendor has much user acceptance of the product, and for HP, its commercial product line is undoubtedly the industry leader. HP’s years of work in the business notebook industry, always give us a serious, solid feel. Whether it is high-end EliteBook series, or for the mainstream user groups ProBook series, it reflects the skill and expertise on HP commercial products in the.

This evaluation is for everyone to bring a ProBook series 430 G2, this product 13.3-inch screen, so the body size and weight, is more focused on support for portability. Machine overall design style without losing the atmosphere calm, class skin paint coating and metallic process simultaneously, in order to bring a quality product and superb experience.

In fact, for many ordinary office workers, it does not need a strong performance however, how personalized product design, traditional business this may be more suitable for these users, and if some more effort on the portability and user experience, then, You will get user acceptance. ProBook 430 is obviously such a product, the first impression it gives is pragmatic and practical.

HP’s new Pavilion 14 MANUALS

HP’s Pavilion series is already an old product line, with the re-transformation ENVY series, Pavilion series also changed, with a new design and hardware configuration to show a new face in front of us. Pavilion we can see the new products and new products in the ENVY design has a very similar concept can be understood that the same root.

Classic black and silver color design that combines class suit and black metal brushed texture material embellishment, making its appearance of calm, slightly fashion, this is the continuation of the year, HP consumer products design elements. This series also adds flames red and white elite in two different color design, fashion glorious gift for the whole family, but also to re-establish a benchmark for the price segment of notebook models.

In addition to the eye-catching exterior design, the new Pavilion 14 also has mainstream hardware configuration. They are generally equipped with a new Intel Core i5 / i7 processor, with 4GB of memory capacity, it can bring powerful computing performance and multitasking capabilities. The latest NVIDIA GT 830M discrete graphics, with 2GB of dedicated graphics memory capacity, it can bring more excellent video processing performance.

HP ProBook 440 G2 MANUALS

Mentioned that many people will think of this business a lot of classic products, but there is a product series is definitely worth mention, it is the HP ProBook series. Compared to high-end business series HP EliteBook, ProBook series targeted at mainstream business class. This use of HP’s extensive product line strategy to cover different sectors of business people, enough to show HP business products for their own faith.

In the public the impression that this business is always rigid and strong, for the coming of the 90 business people will be a constant thing away? In fact, from the body of this product, I have seen the change, eclectic look, more rounded design it has a sleek side, to get rid of stereotype.

This can be an excellent business escort for every business person with a dream, as essential goods it must have many features. Such as excellent stability, low-key and excellent design and powerful security, with these characteristics in order to become a real business in line with user needs. The HP business has a long history, but also accompanied by a lot of people spend their hard struggle time, that now this positioning ProBook mainstream business class 440 can impress How about you? Please come with me slowly taste.