Dell XPS 11 Manuals

Following the 13-inch, 12-inch ultra-pole of this is the introduction of the Dell XPS product line 11-inch ultra-pole of this release can be described yielded – “XPS 11″ has become the most reasonable name. However, the XPS 11 is not just the screen size changes, it brings different from the previous variant, while maintaining the excellent work of the XPS series, significantly reducing body volume, reduce body weight, and in material selection and the introduction of new elements on the details of the deal, it is no exaggeration to say that, workmanship and design XPS 11 does not lose any of a flagship product.

When taken out of the box just XPS 11, and immediately you can feel its solid workmanship, but followed different from other product slim size is another place worth marvel, was able to body thickness control in 15mm or less, carbon fiber composite materials used credit. Remember XPS 13 in another of its initial listing is the “carbon” (XPS D shell 13 is carbon fiber material), gives the psychological suggestion that it is the light of the fundamental. Common F1 racing its many parts are made of this material, in the case of the same volume, one-third of its weight of magnesium alloy, and in the case of thinner, it’s toughness stronger.

Because the A / D two shell with carbon fiber of the reason that colors XPS 11 is the most primitive black, in order to avoid monotony adding a metal edging and Logo embellishment. In actual use, even though the body is thin, but thanks to a combination of carbon fiber and alloy material, I have not found any deformation of the case, and its carbon fiber coated surface can basically put an end to fingerprints, perspiration contamination.

On the other hand, the Dell XPS 11 power adapter is also designed to be very pleasing, smaller size is also a key factor to win it in terms of portability. In addition, Dell’s high-end models iconic power plug indicator has not been castrated, and from this detail can be seen XPS 11 seeks the ultimate details of the design effort.

Dell XPS 11 can control a screen end of thinner, high strength and positive gorilla panel can be further protected from external influence internal LCD. It is noteworthy that, although the picture shows the Dell XPS 11 seems to be using the “borderless” design, but in fact in order to adapt magnet mode Windows 8, showing there is still a great distance from the screen and around, from the top of the camera, Win photoreceptor and below health can be discerned, this design also allows B side looked to be more concise.

In pursuit of the ultimate thin and light, in addition to the use of carbon fiber material, the Dell XPS 11 keyboard design also made a specific change. This keyboard is like the Surface Touch Cover, its keyboard without any key way, just slit each key using concave designed to allow users to determine the keys, but the actual use of touch some bad, because it’s the experience and input the difference between the virtual keyboard is very small, and the lack of force feedback.

Dell XPS series ultra-pole of this reputation among consumers is still very good, before the XPS 13 with excellent design gives consumers a big surprise, XPS 12 Ferris Wheel deformation mode once again let everyone shines and today’s smaller XPS 11 it was 360 ° rotation of the screen can be allowed to have a laptop, standing, tent, tablet and other four use patterns, including almost all usage needs of users, to achieve a true one machine four use.

Dell XPS 13 Manuals

Full touch screen bonding US

When we used to screen loose design, ultra-narrow border appear bright spots. In fact, the ultra-narrow frame design itself is not difficult, the challenge in terms of cost control as well as the designer’s personal prejudices. Dell XPS 13 has given us a surprise, in this “border wide enough to drive a car” era, 5 mm frame design to create a new fashion elements, soon will become the new ideas of other products imitate.

XPS 13 on the product itself, ultra-narrow frame design is very seductive, but cut off the border between matte screen and the look is not complete, for people who pick these thorns, touch version XPS 13 then let them powerless to refute . In addition to the touch screen version of the XPS 13 outside the integrated design, 3200 × 1800 resolution also gave the audience a more delicate visual experience.

In short, XPS 13 most conspicuous place than 11 inches body with a 13-inch screen, 5mm screen frame design also allows us to see new laptop design ideas, played an exemplary role, it is conceivable that in the future notebooks might be truly borderless design.

High score screen and keyboard design

11 inches with 13 inches screen level body, both small and portable and outstanding visual experience, this is the main reason for concern XPS 13. On the screen quality, XPS 13 will also be overstating the industry standard to a new level, 3200 × 1800 resolution IGZO 2 Material IPS technology display, which is the new standard for the industry to bring new XPS 13’s, 100% sRGB color gamut IGZO 2 IPS panel, with 13 inches 1600P screen size, making the new XPS 13 has a very good visual experience.

Details of the design is a major part XPS 13, which is the best at the XPS series control thing, although the entire body design seems simple and straightforward, nothing too much detail can be captured, but after a closer look, you will find a lot of elaborate The place. These small details if possible and not single out anything, but they are together, they constitute such a work full of beauty.

In addition, XPS keyboard 13 is also designed with white backlight, which is a high-end notebook computers necessary details. In a dark place, white backlight will guide the user to achieve a more precise percussion. Of course, in addition to play a guiding role in addition, white backlight for the overall design adds a lot of fashion sense.

HP Stream 11 MANUALS

Hewlett-Packard has released a very special notebook called HP HP Stream 11, the present system is running Windows 8.1, the starting price of $ 199. Users who bought this present available dollar sales business gift 25 Windows8 application store coupons can be used to purchase or WP8.1 Win8 applications.

Hewlett-Packard HP Stream 11 N2840 notebook equipped with Intel Celeron processor, clocked at 2.16GHz built, and equipped with 2GB RAM + 32GB of eMMC run flash memory space, it is clear that such a configuration can be upgraded to this version first time after the Win10 release .

Of course, buy this notebook HP Stream 11 coupons in addition, users can also get the right to use Office 365 a year.


After the transition period, Jingdong Mall sales of the first Acer notebook has dropped seventh, now ranked first HP CQ45-m02TX notebook, it is equipped with a Core i5 processor, it is equipped with 1GB significant independence. This notebook can easily cope with a variety of games, very to the force, like friends can continue to focus on next.

HP CQ45-m02TX notebook design classic calm, occasionally reveal a little bit of fashion. In terms of color, it is the choice of highlighting black design, coupled with piano paint technology surface treatment, it looks elegant and noble, very strong sense of design, which is better than a homemade want better. This notebook is equipped with a front 14-inch LED backlit display screen, use the HP BrightView HD LCD panel, the display is also relatively better. HP CQ45-m02TX notebook built third-generation Intel i5-3230M processor with 4GB RAM + 750GB hard drive + AMD Radeon HD 7450M graphics card, whether it is office graphics, or video games that have no pressure.

HP CQ45-m02TX notebook design is very stylish, it uses the i5 core processor, 1GB memory discrete graphics, overall performance is excellent.

HP XT13-2121tu MANUALS

HP’s XT13-2121tu is a superbly ultimate super notebook designs, and can be comparable with the Apple notebooks, and the configuration can also spike Apple notebook half the street. If you are interested friends may wish to continue to look at.

HP XT13-2121tu installed the latest Windows 8 operating system, the interface is very beautiful. Hardware, it uses the latest Intel’s third generation of intelligent Core processor Intel Core i7-3517U, has a 1.9GHz clock speed and 4G memory, then with the built-in 256G SSD wind let up and running smoothly in general. In addition, this notebook also has Intel Rapid Start technology, and up to eight hours of battery life, can well meet the needs of a variety of office.

HP XT13-2121tu super this with a full metal design, Apple Macbook Pro’s style, you can also say that it is inspired by Apple’s super this, this is something we can not deny it.

HP ProBook 450 G1 MANUALS

HP ProBook 450 G1 is just released new patterns in HP business IT conference in the fall of a new product, compared with the HP ProBook 440 G1, but there are differences between the two in terms of product size. ProBook 450 G1 uses 15-inch body, and ProBook 440 G1 14-inch body.

HP ProBook 450 G1 uses an exclusive new class of HP DuraFlex skin abrasion resistant coating material, not only feel good, but also eliminates scratching problems.

ProBook 450 G1’s hardware configuration, the machine uses Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell platform processor i5-4200M processor, clocked at 2.5GHz, with 3MB L3 cache, TDP for the standard voltage 37W, integrated HD4600 graphics core, plus are equipped with the AMD Radeon HD 8750M alone significantly higher level so that the display performance, single-channel 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive.

The HP ProBook 450 G1 laptop Overall performance is good, for those who want a larger perspective, a more robust performance, and a certain degree of user demand for mobile office for the 15-inch HP ProBook 450 G1 is definitely a good choice.

HP EliteBook 2560p MANUALS

HP EliteBook 2560p using simple and tough design, highlighting the competent and prudent business people. Aluminum-magnesium alloy metal housing with all-metal frame, well protected internal hardware. 16: 9 aspect ratio 1366 × 768 resolution 12.5-inch screen, the screen above is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera. Equipped with Sandy Bridge core architecture uses the Intel Core i5-2410M double nuclear power plant threaded processor, clocked at up to 2.3GHz, Core frequency up to 2.9GHz. Based on Intel QM67 chipset, the fuselage is equipped with Intel HD 3000 graphics core, allowing you to fully enjoy the speed experience elite.

Hewlett-Packard HP EliteBook 2560p is equipped with 12.5-inch widescreen LED-backlit screen ratio of 16: 9, resolution up to 1366 * 768, coupled with Core i5, allowing you to fully enjoy the perfect visual effect. Hewlett-Packard HP EliteBook 2560p audio interface includes an input interface headphone and microphone input interface, video interface consists of two VGA and HDMI interfaces, and configure the network interface RJ45.

Hewlett-Packard HP EliteBook 2560p is equipped with Sandy Bridge core architecture uses the Intel Core i5-2410M double nuclear power plant threaded processor, clocked at up to 2.3GHz, Core frequency up to 2.9GHz. Based on Intel QM67 chipset, the fuselage is equipped with Intel HD 3000 graphics core, the aircraft is equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory and 250GB mechanical hard drive speed up to 7200 rpm. Pre-installed Genuine Windows 7 Professional operating system.

Metal shell and metal frame with magnesium alloy, so that the whole laptop slightest glowing metallic luster, highlighting good business qualities. Efficient configuration and fully meet the office needs of business people, worthy of your worth to choose from.

HP 14-r217tx Manual

HP 14-r217tx is an affordable home laptop, design stylish atmosphere, the use of Windows 8 operating system, with the latest Intel Core i5-5200U processor, as well as entry alone significantly GeForce 820M, to meet the needs of office and light entertainment.

HP 14-r217tx using Windows 8.1 operating system, processor Intel Core i5-5200U (2.2GHz / L3 3M), Standard Memory 4GB, hard disk 500GB, the screen size is 14 inches, with a resolution of 1366 × 768, the graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce 820M and Intel HD 5500 combination.

HP 14-r217tx entry location, relatively good performance, tend to business in this shape is also allowed to be a lot of white-collar users of all ages, friendly price is its main selling point.

HP Folio 1040 G1 MANUALS

HP EliteBook is a professional high-end business elite to create a series of products, as HP’s flagship business notebook series, the HP EliteBook series brings together the top technology and craftsmanship, in terms of performance but also to meet a variety of business applications. Hewlett-Packard took the lead for the business area’s need for ultra-pole to take a positive response, which was launched Folio 13 has a lightweight and slim body, superior endurance and a strong safety performance, bringing more portability for the business elite, and efficient The full range of mobile office experience.

After this, HP also introduced the Folio 9450m commercial super pole designed in appearance to let us refreshing, but also in all aspects of performance are very good. This time, HP has brought us a new design of commercial super pole this product – HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1, it is the biggest change in appearance is the thickness of the fuselage has been a significant reduction, 15.9 mm The design in this series is unprecedented, while minimalist design is also very consistent low-key style of business people.

HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1: new mold main light

HP Folio 1040 machine using a metal alloy material to build, roof to matte painting process, feels more affinity, corner transition did not continue past tough style, but with slim body selected arc over design, so that whole look more beautiful, even so, the business sense of HP Folio 1040 is still full.

Screen, the HP Folio 1040 uses a 14-inch LED-backlit matte display with a resolution of 1600 × 900, the screen frame design with rubber material measured, to some extent cushion the external pressure and prevent the keyboard, palm rest friction Screen damage, in addition, in the top of the screen we can see the dual array microphones, so a combination of both to achieve a stereo miking function, but also play the role of noise, so that the video conference voice clearer ʱ??

HP Folio 1040 in appearance than the thickness of the most amazing part of the whole, the whole thickness of 15.9 mm seem very slim compared with the one-dollar coin, while the whole weight of 1.531kg and more business people aspire. As a 14-inch ultra-pole of this product, in addition to the maximum degree of reduction of its own weight, while the joint power adapter together portability is also quite good.

HP 15q-aj006TX MANUALS

HP 15q-aj006TX is a limit value of low-priced notebook, just from the configuration point of view it is quite cheap.

Design, the HP 15q-aj006TX using integrated streamlined colorful body, A face with scales texture cover, no fingerprints, etc., it is the atmosphere and appearance. Body thickness of 24.3mm, in the case with a burner, it is quite commendable. The fifth-generation 14-nanometer Intel Core I7 processor and R5 M330 combination, run the program, drawing quite easy. In addition, the keyboard is full-size keyboard, comes with a small keypad. Storage is a mainstream 4G memory and 500G hard drive, double burner, is to force.

15.6 inches giant screen, the latest fifth-generation Core I7 processor, R5 M330 significant independence, 2GB memory, a combination of hardware, meaning that HP 15q-aj006TX own performance extraordinary, deal with high work load is quite easy.