HP Pavilion 13-b116tu MANUALS

HP Pavilion 13 and 14-inch, 15-inch addition to changing the size of the product compared to the outside, the color and thickness up a big face. HP Pavilion 13 this time without the use of red and gray and black color scheme, but the choice of bright silver, to give people a fresh feeling. This time, the HP Pavilion 13 Pavilion X360 uses a machine design style, of course, does not have the shaft portion 360 ° reversal of function, while in the rear fuselage we can still see the iconic Pavilion series “Bottom” .

HP Pavilion 13 in the housing section of the composite material is selected to build, to a certain extent, reduce the weight of its own, but the inevitable decline in terms of durability.
HP Pavilion 13 uses a LED-backlit display with a resolution of 1366 × 768, at the top of the screen also has a front camera. I believe that friends see here certainly have Tucao resolution, but as a big manufacturer, regarding resolution of the problem certainly know the answer, they are definitely in the price before making a decision after the measure, of course, does not exclude this product There gaofenping configurations to choose from, consumers can according to their actual needs to choose.

HP Pavilion 13 feel better keyboard surface with a metallic material, particularly the palm rest area feels pretty good handle on connection is also very fine, without any discomfort. In the upper left corner of the keyboard area, we can see that the switch button in the shaft part, we can also see the Beats Audio logo. HP Pavilion 13 provided a total of two speakers, which are distributed at the bottom of the whole front of the range of these two units have a special pronunciation holes, music from the front occupied by the ears, in-depth cooperation with the Beats Audio lets users actually experience You can feel the excellent sound.
HP Pavilion 13 with a current market mainstream chocolate keyboard, since the body is thin, so in terms of the key process has been shortened, but fairly good resilience, sunken design will not let users re prolonged use After feeling tired. Touchpad will choose a more stylish one-piece design, with simple design of C-face, so HP Pavilion 13 looks very fresh.

Although the body relatively thin, the HP Pavilion 13 but still set a rich interface. On the left side we can see that there are security keyhole, USB2.0 interface and headphone jack microphone complex, on the right side of the fuselage, we can also see the power jack, RJ45, HDMI, USB3.0 × 2, SD Reading card, and power / HDD LED, for everyday use, these interfaces fully meet the user.

HP Pavilion x2 10-j014tu MANUALS

HP Pavilion x2 10-j014tu is a 2 in 1 new products, support for multi-angle adjustment, but also easy to stand mode, regardless of the aircraft, the table, the legs do not split Jieke easy to use the keyboard, the protective cover can scratch and effective dust. Jingdong currently priced at 2,999 yuan, is a good choice for travelers en route.
HP Pavilion x2 10 built-in fourth-generation Intel platform Baytrail four core CPU, the latest 22-nanometer manufacturing process, results in lower power consumption, greater performance, computing power far beyond the traditional flat. 35WHr battery energy, almost no charge to complete the work properly. In tablet mode, up to 11 hours standby.
HP Pavilion x2 10-j014tu (word of mouth, buy) with the fourth-generation Intel Baytrail platform Intel Atom Z3745D four core CPU, the seventh generation of the core graphics, a comprehensive upgrade of the codec engine. 2G large memory capacity, the latest LPDDR3, data transfer speed than the previous generation to 33% lower power consumption 20%, 64G high-capacity hard drive, external hard disk / cloud storage, data carry. The new eMMC solid-state storage, 10 seconds to start the system, speed call data.


As one of the world’s top gaming notebook makers, Dell ALIENWARE aliens with excellent industrial design, performance, and lead the industry in many aspects, such as heat. Recent aliens once again launched a new game this –ALIENWARE 13, it features thinner and lighter detonated game this market. Previously only ALIENWARE 14,17,18 inch, where even the smallest ALIENWARE 14 also have 41.7mm thick, and New ALIENWARE 13 but only 27.9mm, the thickness of the substantially reduced 33.1%, will undoubtedly ALIENWARE Alien game the ability to significantly enhance portability.
Although ALIENWARE 13 is a new product, but this is not the latest “core” products, ALIENWARE 13 has been equipped with the latest fifth generation Intel Core processors, which are i5-5200U and i7-5500U (out of stock) came PConline is the fourth generation of Intel Core processors i5-4210U; using 2GB DDR5 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M with significant independence, as well as 8GB memory and 1TB mechanical hard drive (256GB SSD has been upgraded to the new start).
ALIENWARE 13 launch, no doubt in order to meet the development of the game in this light the tide, but it did not change the course of a few aspects of the game to lose this must pay attention to: the heat, work, life, brand characteristics. Heat, keyboard surface temperature was perfect temperature control in the somatosensory and down, this is the most comfortable temperature range; work, aliens workmanship is completely without question; life, although the game without having to talk about this life, but PCMark 8 under 3 hours the battery life is considered good; brand characteristics, this is a very broad statement, like aliens, AlienFX can be counted as its brand characteristics, of course, ultimately the high price.

Dell ALIENWARE 13 listed, then do not be frivolous game competition in this market, so that the already chaotic game of the market is full of more “smell of blood.” Although the price of its “Achilles heel”, but I believe there will still be a lot of loyal fans and enthusiasts who are willing to choose, and the emergence of graphics docking station up for the lack 860M graphics performance of NVIDIA GeForce GTX.

HP Pavilion 14-v218tx MANUALS

HP Envy and Pavilion two series of products are based on the main elements of fashion, but also well received by consumers. This time the Pavilion 14 still continues and video elements of fashion, and compared to previous generations have a certain change in the molds, while materials and design has also made some adjustments. Of course, the biggest change is equipped with a fifth-generation Intel Core processors, which in terms of CPU and GPU performance than the previous generation products have a certain degree of improvement.
As HP’s flagship product, the new generation of notebook Pavilion 14 still maintained a stylish design elements, but also more serious note choose the color area, like this songce red version is very consistent with all young people to use. HP Pavilion 14 in the first time notebook equipped with Intel Core i5-5200U fifth-generation processor, compared with the previous generation in terms of both CPU and GPU performance has some improvement, it also equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 830M graphics card, although performance is not very strong, but to some extent, enhance the overall gaming performance. Although HP Pavilion 14 specific price has not been announced, but the overall price should not be more than 5000 yuan, so it still has a certain cost.

Dell Vostro 5480 MANUALS

With the release of the new generation of processors, the major OEM manufacturers have released their new generation of products, the new version of the Dell XPS 13 has given the world a surprise, its unprecedented ultra-narrow frame design, allowing consumers to see the notebook market revival of hope. In addition XPS 13, Dell also released an updated version of the Vostro 5480 business book, it uses a fifth-generation Intel Core i5-5200U processor (clocked at 2.2GHz), but also equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 830M graphics card, addition of it also has 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz external memory, a 500GB SSHD configuration combinations.
Intel’s new Core processors in terms of performance has been further improved, while good control of the heat, which undoubtedly thin and light notebook product line, a shot in the arm. Opportunity, Dell launched an upgraded version of the Vostro 5480 business laptop, which uses a fifth-generation Intel Core i5-5200U processor performance has been further improved. In addition to attractive performance, Vostro 5480 business people slim body is required, while the pattern recognition module is equipped with a security level that allows the product to a higher level.

HP Pavilion 15-p226TX MANUALS

Consumer-grade video or laptop market is the main market, after Intel released a new generation of products, I believe will quickly catch up with each OEM, more cost-effective introduction of new products. HP Pavilion 15 is a very balanced and cost-effective product, whether it is the performance of the hardware configuration, or even die in the process of selecting the product line pricing routes are very apt sentiments, although not yet officially announced a specific price information, However, according to the previous generation product, the estimated range of about 4k-4k5 will be its final price.
2014 HP Envy game this left us with a deep impression, it has high performance and excellent mold design configuration. So today when we see this new Pavilion 15 times, can not help but have some familiarity with. The new Pavilion 15 to continue with the Envy of this game mold design, the use of more lightweight materials and new products attached to a colorful new color, multi-grain shell AD also feel great, and most importantly, this one equipped with the new Five new Core HP.

Today this product is going to introduce a new HP Pavilion 15 notebook, it chose the fifth generation Intel Core i5-5200U in the processor, clocked at 2.2Ghz; but it also with the NVIDIA GeForce 830M graphics card, to meet part of the user demand and video games; in addition it also has 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 500 GB hard drive configuration combinations machinery.

HP Pavilion 14-n029tx MANUALS

HP Pavilion 14-n029tx located in high cost and practical book, fashion design, dynamic, slim and other elements rolled into one, and the fourth generation of Intel “Haswell” processor architecture, the performance can meet the terms of office end and entertainment and other needs.
HP Pavilion 14-n029tx using composite materials to build the fuselage, owned though not metal, but in the small colored particles of metallic embellishment but exudes a sense, looks noble and elegant. Interior 14-inch display, the best display resolution of 1366 × 768, display quite satisfactory.
HP Pavilion 14-n029tx frosted keyboard key way short, stretch it a bit soft, moderate input feeling, palm rest surface layer of circular protrusions visible hand in the above slide obvious grainy, both Non-slip and durable, the overall use of experience to get started is still quite good.

Hardware, HP Pavilion 14-n029tx uses Intel four generations i5-4200U dual-core processor, clocked at 1.6GHz, the performance is very powerful, built-in NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics with HD 4400 set was, graphics and video processing performance extraordinary. In addition, 4GB of memory and 1TB hard drive. Intel core to join, but also to the HP Pavilion 14-n029tx game performance in office and demonstrated a superior ability.
HP Pavilion 14-n029tx design simple and capable, very consistent with the public’s aesthetic, built-in hardware balanced, powerful performance, and terminal alone significantly 740M 3D performance Intel i5 processor, you can easily meet diverse user needs, whether it is work or play are alone, and the price is very moderate, is a cost quite prominent light of this product.

HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 MANUALS

Also deformation of the external keyboard, the HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) did not like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 provides a colorful keyboard like, but a real deal keyboard base, which is a variant of the conventional design of an external keyboard. HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) are low-priced products in the deformation of this, as opposed to buying a separate tablet PCs and notebook computers cheaper. HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) This variant allows the computer to get rid of the keyboard base in tablet mode, as opposed to flip the body design is more close to the traditional tablet.
HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) the appearance of a carefully designed back with composite materials and supplemented HP Imprint technology to create decorative embellishment adds some fashion sense, this product also has a red versions to choose from . Power switch and volume control buttons are still being set up in the top of the back, which is rare in similar products. In the bottom of the fuselage, with a power jack, dock connector, headphone jack and SD card reader interface microphone, a speaker on each side, putting the effect is acceptable, but not to associate Yoga3 Pro-I5Y70 (4GB / 256GB) of standards.

HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) equipped with a frequency of 1.5GHz Intel Core i3-4012Y fourth-generation dual-core four-thread processor, the secondary cache is 512KB, three cache 3MB; match is 4GB DDR3L 1600 running memory and 128GB SSD. All graphics graphics processing tasks undertaken by shared with system memory Intel HD 4200 core, support DirectX 11, you can smooth playback of HD video, running an application or part of the mainstream 3D games. Overall configuration in the same price at a high level in the deformation of this, it is a relatively high cost.

HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) dual camera design, which are rare in this deformation. HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) screen viewing area is 11.6 inches, LED-backlit screen is made of IPS, 16: 9 widescreen design, screen resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, the image quality is not high degree of fine, However, the accuracy of color reproduction and viewing angles can be satisfactory. HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) keyboard dock provides rich interfaces, including USB 2.0, headphone microphone jack, SD card reader, HDMI, USB 3.0 and power interface.
HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) The keyboard feels good, for a variation of this, it is rather rare. HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) cooling effect is good, the user easy access to the site have a hot feeling. It is worth mentioning that the HP Pavilion 11-h110tu x2 (G0A05PA) in the flat part and the keyboard dock comes with a battery, which can provide more abundant power, can achieve 6-7 hours of battery life, to watch a football match live is enough.

HP Compaq Presario CQ61-208TX Manuals

HP’s 16-inch laptop CQ61 series, with its excellent configuration, lower prices on the big screen has a higher share of the market has been, and recently, the series has introduced a new Compaq Presario CQ61-208TX (VH030PA), the machine uses a relatively good performance of the T6500 processor, with 2GB memory, 320GB hard drive and nVidia Geforce G103M graphics card, such as configuration, so that overall performance is quite good, and the price, although the money big screen products, However, relative to the current price, is still relatively generous.

Appearance, the HP Compaq Presario CQ61-208TX (VH030PA) using the piano paint design, but does not use texture effects, but still using the HP original “Imprint Imprint Printing” technology, greatly strengthened the notebook surface abrasion function to ensure the appearance of timeless, fashion sense is still relatively strong.

Performance, the HP Compaq Presario CQ61-208TX (VH030PA) uses Intel Core2 Duo (Penryn) T6500 (2.1GHz) processor, equipped with Intel PM45 + ICH9M chipset and 2G RAM and 320G hard drive, and a DVD burner. 3D graphics processing, the machine uses a memory capacity of 512M of nVidia Geforce G103M graphics card, the display is quite good.
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo (Penryn) T6500 (2.1GHz)
Motherboard Chipset: Intel PM45 + ICH9M
Memory Capacity: 2GB
Hard disk capacity: 320GB
Drive Type: Built-in, DVD ± RW
Screen size: 15.6 inches
Graphics chip: nVidia Geforce G103M
NIC: Built-in 10-100M
Wireless: 802.11b / g wireless card
Built-in Camera: Built-in camera
USB: 3 USB, USB2.0
Reader: Built-in, card reader
Expansion slots: 1 Express Card
Other interface: VGA port, HDMI interface, RJ45, voice input and output sound hole, DC power jack, security keyhole
Operating System: DOS system


Earlier in September, there was news that HP will launch a thin gaming notebook –HP OMEN 15. And a few months ago, Hewlett-Packard has launched ENVY E Series game this, because stylish appearance, excellent heat dissipation, the price close to the people, by the good market response. The OMEN HP Ultrabook launch of this game, whether it can be sustained in the E series of good response, or will have better performance!

It is equipped with Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell Core i7-4710HQ standard voltage processor core clocked at 2.5GHz, Core frequency up to 3.5GHz, built-in Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics core, and is equipped with 4GB DDR5 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M discrete graphics. Other: with 512GB SSD solid state drive, you can achieve ultra-pole-like system startup and running speed, is strong support for large-scale 3D games, but also equipped with 16GB DDR3 memory provide users with enough space to run the game.
As a business, the consumer market known for HP notebook, even within a year of the two series of gaming notebook products, which makes us suspect it will focus on the gaming market force, and indeed very prosperous current game industry, get a share PC makers might be common to all understanding. HP OMEN 15 super game, although this gives us a lot of impressive things, but it’s official price is also very “arrogant”, so high-end positioning has touched the traditional game of the giant firm’s market share, with their HP struggle abnormally difficult, Who will win, is the rise of the new generation, or the continuation of the classic tradition, we show from the sidelines, waiting for the results together!